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Case Study

Ainsty Ales Boosts Brand Awareness with Strategic PR Campaign

Collaborating with Ainsty Ales, a renowned brewery in Yorkshire, we executed a strategic PR campaign to announce new investments and a change in management, leveraging high-quality editorial photography for media attention.

Rachel Clark

The Challenge

To Promote New Investment and Management Changes

Ainsty Ales, a beloved Yorkshire brewery, needed to communicate significant changes to their stakeholders.

They approached us with the challenge of promoting their new investment and management team to both customers and suppliers, ensuring the message was delivered effectively and widely.

What we did

Crafting a Compelling Story

Using our expertise in the food and drink sector, we crafted a compelling narrative around Ainsty Ales’ new investors and management team. We focused on highlighting the exciting new phase for the brewery, aiming to resonate with both media outlets and the target audience.

To enhance the story’s appeal and increase the likelihood of media pickup, we utilised high-quality editorial photography. These visuals captured the essence of Ainsty Ales, showcasing the new team and the vibrant atmosphere of the brewery.

We strategically pitched the story to relevant media outlets, ensuring it reached the right audience. Our approach combined engaging storytelling with professional imagery to create a powerful and newsworthy narrative.

Rachel Clark

How it worked

The Results


Earned Media Coverage

Our efforts resulted in securing earned coverage in several prestigious outlets, including The Yorkshire Post, YorkMix, The York Press, thebusinessdesk.com, Insider magazine, Food Manufacture, Beer Today, Radio YO1, and YorkMix Radio. This extensive media reach significantly boosted Ainsty Ales’ visibility and credibility.


Audience Reach

The media coverage reached a wide audience across Yorkshire and beyond, effectively communicating the brewery’s new phase to both existing customers and potential new ones. The positive press helped forge stronger connections with suppliers and customers alike, enhancing Ainsty Ales’ brand reputation.


Increased Awareness

The strategic PR campaign successfully promoted Ainsty Ales’ new investment and management team, generating buzz and interest in the brewery. The combination of engaging storytelling and high-quality visuals played a crucial role in capturing the media’s attention and delivering the message effectively.

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