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★★★★★ “Rachel’s years of experience and up to the minute knowledge are superb” - Agency CEO
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Case Study

ROAS soars with PR and Facebook Ads Campaign

In collaboration with online pet pharmacy, we worked on a new customer acquisition and retention campaign using Meta ads, email sequences and PR.

Rachel Clark

The Challenge

Converting browsers into buyers with social proof

VetMedi is a fast growth online pet pharmacy, run by a Yorkshire vet with a reputation for exceptional pet care.

The company approached Only The Kind with a specific challenge – to acquire new customers and to convert browsers into buyers. We worked with them to drive new client acquisition and retention across more than just Google Ads, and maximise ROAS within a tight budget.

What we did

Raising the woof with sales for

We created a consistent brand that appeals to pet lovers.

The campaign transformed from product only ads into branded Facebook and Instagram friendly videos, filled with social proof from media (PR) features and five star customer reviews. This built instant trust for new audiences who weren’t necessarily aware of the brand.

We leveraged storytelling through videos, visuals, and emotionally-charged copy.

Only The Kind Media also crafted specific ads and audiences within Facebook to target horse, cat and dog lovers who are interested in niche products for their four legged friends.

Facebook and Instagram Paid Advertising

Precision targeting with consistently branded assets

This strategy has helped us to quickly find the right audiences on Facebook and Instagram for the relevant catalogues on the e-commerce (Shopify) store, meaning faster results and more high value repeat customers.

We used the power of the meta algorithm to retarget browsing customers and to share VetMedi’s dedication to pet health and their offer of lower cost pet medications.

Ongoing PR and Media Relations

Building trust and authority

Public relations from press and social proof from reviews continue to play a crucial role in enhancing VetMedi’s reputation. We also advised the client to include media logos on relevant product and catalogue pages throughout the Shopify site, to build trust and to convert visiting traffic faster.

News releases, articles, and expert quotes positioned VetMedi as an authority in pet care and an affordable choice for repeat pet medications.

How it worked

The Results


ROAS in Meta Ads

(Facebook and Instagram): In October 2023 we generated a ROAS of 1:11 for VetMedi (for every £1 spent on ads, we generated £11 back to the business, showcasing the efficiency of using social proof and PR in the campaign and the power of Meta targeting).


20% Increase In New Customers

A 20% increase in 3 months, signalling a surge in pet owners turning to over conventional vet prescription bills.


Audience Reach

The PR and Meta campaign has so far touched the hearts of over 1.3M pet owners, forging a lasting connection with a targeted group of pet lovers (who are crucially also online shoppers) across the UK.

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