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Case Study

Wrapped Digital Marketing Agency Launches with High-Impact PR Campaign

In collaboration with Wrapped, a new digital marketing agency, we executed a strategic PR campaign to announce its launch, aiming to attract potential partners and clients.

Rachel Clark

The Challenge

Announcing the Launch to Open New Doors

Wrapped, a freshly established digital marketing agency, needed to effectively communicate its launch to potential partners and clients. They sought our expertise to ensure their message reached a broad and relevant audience, creating opportunities for new business ventures.

What we did

Strategic PR and Event Management

We crafted a comprehensive PR strategy to announce Wrapped’s launch, focusing on its innovative digital marketing solutions and the expertise of its team. Our goal was to position Wrapped as a leading agency in the digital marketing space, ready to collaborate with top-tier clients and partners.

To maximize media coverage, we developed compelling press releases and tailored pitches, highlighting Wrapped’s unique approach and industry knowledge. We targeted key marketing and business publications to ensure the announcement reached a relevant and influential audience.

In addition to media outreach, we organized a VIP Google event at Everyman in Leeds. This exclusive event featured speaker opportunities for key Wrapped directors, allowing them to showcase their expertise and network with potential clients and partners.

Rachel Clark

How it worked

The Results


Earned Media Coverage

Our efforts resulted in securing earned coverage in prominent publications such as Prolific North, Marketing Week, The York Press, Yorkshire Post, thebusinessdesk.com, and Insider. This extensive media reach significantly boosted Wrapped’s visibility and credibility in the digital marketing industry.


VIP Event Success

The VIP Google event at Everyman in Leeds was a resounding success, providing a platform for Wrapped’s directors to engage with potential clients and partners. The event facilitated valuable networking opportunities and positioned Wrapped as an industry thought leader.


New Contracts

Our strategic PR and event management efforts helped Wrapped win prestigious contracts with The Royal Albert Hall and the NHS. These high-profile clients showcased Wrapped’s capability to deliver top-tier digital marketing solutions.


Audience Reach

The media coverage and VIP event reached a wide audience, effectively communicating Wrapped’s launch and value proposition to potential partners and clients. The strategic campaign helped build awareness and trust, opening new doors for business opportunities.


Increased Awareness

The successful PR campaign generated significant buzz around Wrapped’s launch, establishing a strong foundation for the agency’s growth. The combination of targeted media outreach and high-impact events ensured Wrapped’s message resonated with the desired audience, setting the stage for continued success in the digital marketing sector.

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